From Qualifier to Finals
We start the season with an Online Qualifier to give everybody the option of choosing their own level. When you sign up you will select your division: Main, Master or Top, and from that moment the average team scores will count towards the final ranking. The best teams from all divisions and categories will advance to 1 of the 2 Semi-Finals (Netherlands / Belgium) to eventually obtain a place in The Final event, 8 / 9 december during the SAP weekend.

● Online Qualifier – September 15th until September 23rd 11:59 PM
● Semi-Final South* (NL South / Belgium) – November 4th 2018, CrossFit Hasselt BE
● Semi-Final North* (NL North / NL Central / Germany) – November 18th 2018, CrossFit Twente NL
● The Final Main / Master division – December 8th 2018, SAP weekend* Veldhoven NL
● The Final Top division – December 9th 2018, SAP weekend** Veldhoven NL

* If there is a huge difference in the number of registrations per zone, this may change, but we will let you know immediately.
**The Final is a part of the SAP weekend

– Main division
– Master division* (Born in/before 1983)
– Top division

*Master is only possible in the Main division and Buddy Team categories. You will have your own ranking.

Minimum requirements
We have created an overview that explains all skills per division. It may well occur that you might not be able to do all parts equally well, but the level of difficulty starts easier and builds up in the Semi-Finals and The Final. This overview can be found on the website.

– Superteams (3 Male / 3 Female)
– Male Buddy (M / M); Mix Buddy (M / F); Female Buddy (F / F)
– Male Buddy Master (M / M); Mix Buddy Master (M / F); Female Buddy Master (F / F)

Each event has at least 3 different workouts.

Amount of team members
Because we understand that sometimes people can drop out due to illness, work or vacation over a certain period of time. So if you qualify with a team of, for example, 10 people, you can decide at the last moment which 6 will eventually participate in the Semi-Final or Final.

Buddy Team
You can register 2 up to 4 people, with a minimum of 2 people. So 4 men for Male Buddy Team, 4 women for Female Buddy Team, or 2 men and 2 women for Mix Buddy Team.

You can register 6 up to 10 athletes, with a minimum of 3 men and 3 women.

Online Qualifier
The Online Qualifier will be performed by each athlete separately, but the average of all the team members will determine your place on the leaderboard (so NOT just the best 2 or 6 athletes in your team!).

On Monday September 10th 2018 we will announce the workouts and movement standards on our website, Facebook page, Instagram and by email. The workouts can be done from Saturday September 15th until Sunday September 23rd 11:59 PM. Each workout is judged, validated and submitted at the link we will send you.

Live events: Semi Finals / The Final
Early October you will know whether your team has qualified for the Semi-Finals, and on which day and at which location this will be for you, CrossFit Twente or CrossFit Hasselt.
During The Final the best teams will come together in Veldhoven, to eventually crown The Best Performing Team of the Njoya League 2018.