So you’re starting to get pretty good at this CrossFit thing… wanting to try more complex movements or move really heavy things.

But how good are you with the PVC pipe?

If I were to give you somewhere between €1 and €1000000 for demonstrating the best overhead squat in the world, how much would you earn and would you earn it consistently?

In Greg Glassman’s Open Letter to CrossFit Trainers, he writes.

“There is a compelling tendency among novices developing any skill or art, whether learning to play the violin, write poetry, or compete in gymnastics, to quickly move past the fundamentals and on to more elaborate, more sophisticated movements, skills, or techniques. This compulsion is the novice’s curse—the rush to originality and risk.”

So how often do we go back and work on our overhead squat? Maybe we think it’s good, so we get complacent and we jump straight to the barbell every time. Maybe, just maybe we should work with the PVC a little bit more.

So, is your overhead squat a €1 or a €1000000 movement?

Let’s build €1000000 squats.